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Selling my used Indian Motorcycle Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust Pipes with Six Shooter Tips for Thunder Stroke 111 motorcycles with hard bags - fits all RoadMaster, Chieftain, & Springfield models.

These pipes were on my Chieftain for about 7000 miles and are in excellent condition, but not perfect. If you look real hard you will see a few blemishes on the bottom inside most likely caused by a gravel stone hitting it - hard to find and not visible when installed.

The Six Shooter tips are also in excellent condition, except some scratches on the short-side (under-side) of the tip, probably from a curbstone when parked (see photo). These are not visible if the tips are rotated to facing down or in. The scratches may be visible if the tips are rotated to face out or up.

Excellent deeper sound with a great bark when accelerating. Works with stock, Stage-1, or any air intake system.

New these sell new for $999.98 plus the cost of installation.
Indian Motorcycle Thunder Stroke® Stage 1 Slip-On Exhaust (2) - Chrome - PN 2879769-156 - $699.99
Indian Motorcycle Six Shooter Exhaust Tips (2) Chrome --PN 2879530-156 - $299.99

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