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$800 - For Sale - 1973 INDIAN MX74 Dirt Bike. Matching numbers frame and engine. I attached some photos of 'before' when I got it in Seabrook, New Hampshire 4 years ago. I was driving by and saw it outside of a body shop, chained, out front on the street to their business sign frame, with a for sale sign on it. I had to buy it.
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Kicks over and starts, runs, shifts and drives. I got this bike in pieces and did a ton of work to get it looking as it is now. I am no pro. Just wanted to get it presentable and ride able. I kind of am obsessed with the factory originality.

The paint job was done in my garage with rattle cans. There are a run or two and is by no means perfect or show quality. I did use 2 coats of primer, sanded smooth, then 3 coats of white semi, and 2 finish coats.

Has the original embossed INDIAN gas cap, which I sanded down and painted. I also got a venting tube for it that runs down to under the body frame.

INDIAN stickers are repro and very nice. They are red and went on smooth and look great.

Gas tank is original, and was de-rusted inside and petcock is original also and cleaned thoroughly. It is how you turn the fuel on and off and also has a RESERVE option on the petcock and in the tank itself. All fuel lines and clamps are brand new.

The seat has a small 2" rip but you barely notice it, there is no fabric missing at all so it's barely noticeable. Original seat and frame and 'INDIAN' in script painted on back of it.

The front white square number plate cost me $40 and is New Old Stock original Indian.

The side one is not, but I already had it so I just added it to.

Also the original INDIAN chain guard, you can see it on the floor in the 'before' pics

The original plastic frame mud guard is also on the underside of the bike with 4 new bolts.

The front foam handlebar pad and cover I made, and is not a factory piece.

Air filter is made from a coffee can, welded, vented and painted, with an off the shelf oval FRAM motorcycle paper air filter that fits decent over the intake hole into the carburetor. It works. You can buy an original right n ebay for $150. But I like to make my own parts when possible. it is screwed into the original holes on the carb posts.

Carburetor was cleaned thoroughly. Cable is brand new.

The foot clutch lever looks like it was broken off at one point and welded back on. Before I got it. It works fine though and is merely a visual point to make.

Brand new spark plug.

Tires look barely used when I got them if at all.

MX76 stickers I purchased before I learned it is a MX74. But I threw them on anyway. you can take them easily right off. Not even glued down.

This is a 4 speed, 1 down 3 up which makes it a MX 74. The motor is stamped "75CC". Which was used for both those models.

Brand new front brake pads.

Both perch's and levers and rubber hand grips and all cables are brand new. Clutch, front brake, throttle.

Muffler is original. Indian badge on side or motor case is original. And also where you change the oil.

Owner's Manual included, it's a print out from online.

Many more pictures available, email me with any questions or specific photos of anything.

There is no TITLE as it's not a road bike.

I know a shipper who can probably get it to you for between $350 FLA/IL - $500 to NM/TX/AZ area. Email me your zip code for exact quote.

I'm in Providence, RI. Can pick up here or I might be able to deliver to any New England state for a fee. Or like I said I know a shipper.

call Jeff 401-four5four-zero2six9

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