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I arrived home in Calgary yesterday at 3:30 pm after my first long distance motorcycle trip. I took the trans Canada highway to eastern Ontario to visit my mom for a few days and then went down to visit my brother west of Toronto. From there, I crossed the border at Windsor and came back through the US. Of the 2 weeks on the road, there were 9 days of travel. Due to time constraints, I had to stick to freeways more than I would have preferred but some day I'll have the time to see more. I logged 7,922 kms (4,922 mi).

The Vintage ran like a champ, other than an annoying oil leak which I was never able to trace. Trust me, you get a lot of ribbing when people see you adding oil to your Indian. I stopped at the dealership in Oakville, ON and got them to take a look but there was no way to trace it in the time we had. While there, I spoke briefly with another customer who had trailered in a beautiful Road Master with the same issue.

One other annoyance was the mileage. When I started out, the trip computer would consistently show 250-260 kms (160 mi) range for a full tank of fuel. A couple days in and it started showing 320 kms (200 mi). Part way home it reverted to the previous state. It seemed like the ecm was trying to figure out if it wanted to run lean or rich. Nevertheless the bike never once gave me the impression that it might not get me home.

I stayed in Spirit Lake on Wednesday night and found out immediately that the local dealer was hosting demo rides and factory tours on Friday and Saturday. I wanted to stay but I just couldn't make it work with my scedule (and budget).

Special thanks to the friend who sent me a 1901 Indian head penny which accompanied me the whole way.
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