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So, I got my lowers installed yesterday. There wasn't much to it, loosen one cap screw to slide the lower underneath it, (the lower has a slot in it), and remove a second cap screw and replace it with a longer one that is supplied with the lower. That's it. 15 minutes, both lowers installed.

I have to say, I'm damned impressed! I have the stock 16" windshield. I also have a Grasshopper backrest which forces me to sit up straight, thereby looking over the top of the windshield by an inch or two, (I'm 5'8"). The pounding to my chest is gone! The only air around my head, I would compare to a light breeze swirling. If I open my face shield, there's just enough air swirling to cool my face down, but that's about it. No tossing of my head back and forth or that constant pounding in the chest area.

The only place I really get any wind is to my forearms and thighs and that's what you would expect. Even with stiff crosswinds yesterday, although they can't stop wind from the side, my head and face area from dead-ahead was in a, "quiet zone".

As far as the build quality, time will tell but I can't see anything going wrong with them. They're a textured, opaque black plastic, I'm guessing around 1/8" thick. For me, it's ideal. Lets face it, us SF and Vintage owners already have enough glass and chrome to keep clean. Plexiglas lowers, no matter how much you baby them, will show the wear and tear and begin to get hazy over time, if you get a lot of bugs on them. I won't be afraid to scrub these lowers with a medium brush and some water/vinegar cleaning solution if they get plastered with bugs. I'd have to give them 5 stars! I'm impressed.

I made a quick video after I installed them but I show you the screws that have to come out and how they look.

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