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Can't give a whole more information than what's been regurgiated over a few times. Overall I was impressed. Bikes look good, feel tight, transmission is a major step up over the current Victory generation.
A lot of wow torque but they don't have the top end we do. Styling is fantastic detail wise. Only drawback I saw was the cylinder heads had that lost foam casting look.
These bikes just look cool if you like the valanced fenders. It's very likely i'll have one in my garage once the initial mass rush ends.
I actually saw a Chieftan on the road so either someone ordered early or he knows someone.
I've got tons of photos from the HD 110th but most of the good ones aren't appropriate for this website.

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I enjoyed taking people on the demo rides on Saturday. I feel the same way you do. Bikes are super nice but I am keeping the Kingpin Tour. Ijust love the feel of my Victory and other Victory models. Polaris will not have any problems selling Indians at all. Like you said Torque was amazing and I think we took everyone on a nice 20 minute demo ride.
I didn't mind the cyclinder heads. I love the bags and alot of the add ons. I never had a backrest on a bike and I want one now. The beach bars and stage one was awesome.
Everyone should test ride one. They are really nice. I know some guys are switching to Indian from Victory and a lot of guys told me they are staying with Victory.
12 HDs were traded in 2 days at the demo ride in Madison. Some were even newer CVO Street Glides. Everyone had a great time.
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