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As title implies, finally got to take my bike for a ride this week. Been 5 months since I was in an accident on my 2018 Chief Vintage, and been dealing with the after effects from that. So while I got a 2019 Vintage as a replacement bike back in January, I haven’t actually been able to take it for a ride til now. Just a short 10mile loop near my house, but felt great after not being able to even get my leg over the bike for so long(well mostly great, potholes and bumps still don’t feel good). Anyways, here’s a quick pic before the ride.


And yea there’s a few bits not on the bike, spent some of my recent down time taking her apart to seal up the fenders underneath(and glad I did as some spot welds already had the startings of some surface rust that I had to get rid of first). Was in the process of putting her back together, got to this point and just had to go enjoy the 70 degree sunny day.
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