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This rack (@Marcus - avail at is made with stainless steel threaded rod holding it together, only it had plastic tube as the spacers, and cap nuts on each end of the rods.


I converted it so I could hang saddlebag brackets (Easy Brackets - Excelsior Henderson Super X) off of the rods. This meant re-drilling the rear holes an 1/8 inch to the rear (elongating the rear holes), and then threading the saddlebag mounting spools so they would screw onto the threaded rod.


I then had to create stainless steel shims from stainless steel sheet metal and insert it into the rack members to keep the threaded Rod to the rear of the elongated hole. (This step is not pictured)

I bought stainless steel tube to replace the plastic spacers. The stainless steel tube is 3/4 inch OD, 0.438 ID, with a wall of 0.156.


After snuggling spools down as tight as I could get them I backed them off and then used Loctite 271.


The end result is that I can now use full size saddlebags with removable, carry-able brackets instead of the small bags typically designed for the Scout.

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Great job. Your modification came out great. Maybe show a photo of the bike with the bags on. I think others would like this set up.
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