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No FTR seen, only one Indian jacket.
Apologies for the awful camera phone pictures.

There was a race with a Royal Enfield (black) and what I think is a Matchless British motorcycle taking the lead at start (and won).
Next over is a Triumph, and maybe another. I forget now.



A bike went down coming out of this curve on the next lap.
At one of the races I was noticing a bike with chopper-like forks compared to the others, which were more vertical.
I couldn’t help wondering if it might go down in a curve during the race, and then I noticed one other in that group with the same angled forks.
Well off they went and down goes a bike halfway through the first curve, however it was not either of those bikes.
They restarted the race, and again another bike goes down halfway through the curve, and once again it wasn’t either of those chopper-like bikes.
After a third restart everything was OK… up until the last lap and last curve, down goes a bike. That time it was the one I thought might go down in the first place.

I know nothing about flat track racing. Only know a little about how forks, rake and trail, affect motorcycle handling.
So ultimately I don’t know what to make of that thought experiment when considering two other bikes went down.

Didn’t get a picture of the other couple of motorcycles but it seemed like the angles were more than the red tank one seen here.
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