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Hi guys and gals,
Just wanted to let you guys know a little something that may help you "clean-up" the look of your bike as it did mine. I was very disappointed in my failed attempt to purchase front/rear axle covers and fork bolt covers from Bad Ace Billet. I scoured the Inter-webs looking for an equal product but to no avail. While researching hardware for my swing arm bag I came across these: Ace Plastic Leg Tip Black Round 1/2 in. W 4 pk - Ace Hardware "leg tips" and found they were just the right size to fit over some hex-head-bolts in some areas of the bike, for example, the two bolts on each side of the rear fender. Excited at the potential, I began some more trial and error as my local hardware store had many other sizes: So far Ive found:

size 7/8" fit the lower shock bolts
size 1" fit the upper shock bolts (the bolt has a flange, push hard, it will expand to fit)
size 7/8" fit the 'holes' for the frame bolts under the seat (the forward ones you have to cut the "cup" of the tip to fit, otherwise it sticks out, looks funny)

Also, these: fit the rear axle adjusters

I'm still looking for more applications, perhaps if you get into it as well, you can post you findings here as well. Attaching a pic so you can see the "results" I'm happy with the results. Hope this makes someones day.

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