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Extreme Heat from my Power Plus

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Hey all, wanted to see if anyone has had this experience. I’m on a road trip from the DMV to FL, stopped in GA. For the last 4 hours of my trip today I experienced extreme heat coming from the engine. This was not just a cloud of hot air around the engine, it was like a blow dryer on max blast! Has anyone experienced this? I’m at 20,000 miles, all recommended maintenance has been done, including the latest factory ECU flash. This heat was so powerful, so consistent, and so unpleasant that I had to ride my bike without my mesh jacket for the first time ever. The heat emanating from the engine was so strong, losing the jacket didn’t even really make a difference. It’s so bad that I’m wondering if I should leave the bike with Indian Daytona and fly home. I seriously almost passed out. 🤣 Sure, it was a very hot day today, but I’ve ridden all my bikes in high temps/high humidity, and I’ve never experienced anything like this!

Any feedback?
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Mine gets crazy hot and has since i bought it but its usually fine when I’m moving. I’m hoping when i change pipes it may help some.
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