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Extended Warranty

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What are the thoughts behind buying the extended warranty. I am not really too much of a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but I am willing to learn. I do plan on doing some longer trips and it seems that the "loss of use" feature seems nice. Anybody have any experiences positive or negative with the warranty.
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Thank you everybody. One more thought. I plan on adding stage 1 indian exhaust, freedom true dual and slip ons. The dealership will install. They downplay the warranty effects. They say, they..dealership..will cover. Big dealership (Bairs in Canton Ohio) they claim they have never had an issue and will stand behind everything. They have been great and I am inclined to believe them. Just throwing that out there as well.

Also, one more thing. The literature the Indian Warranty coverage sent says the 5 year warranty starts when the 2 year coverage ends for a total of 7 years. On their website it says that the coverage starts with the in service date. A bit confusing. I sent an email to them asking for clarification. I will post their reply.
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