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Engine light with red dot on ride command

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I had a light come on today that I haven’t seen before on my 19 Chieftain Limited.
it was a twin cylinder light on the ride command screen to the right of the Indian logo on the top of the command screen and there was a red dot I believe on the left cylinder.
I thought that light was just for the cylinder deactivation, but I have that feature off.
can anyone tell me why that light came on and what it means?
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Did you ever find out what the light means? Mine came on today while riding, it only comes on when stopped and I don't see anything in the manuals.
That is the rear cylinder deactivation indicator. Only comes on when stopped and the ambient temp is above some value, then it goes away as soon as you give it some throttle. You can turn that feature off uf you like in the settings.
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