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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured the PVCX is talked about the most in this section, so....

I purchased my PVCX about this time last year and had an issue right out of the box. It wouldn't power up. I thought it would be a big hassle because that is sometimes what we've come to expect these days. Thankfully after a couple emails explaining my situation, I was sent the info on how to reboot and reload the firmware... I loaded the proper tune to the bike and zoom I'm off... Too easy!

Late last year the dealer put a new flash on the bike, so no more .djt tune... Didn't really matter to me as I figured I would just reflash it when I got the time and desire.

Fast forward to early last week and I decide to get the .djt tune on the bike in prep for the upcoming riding season.... Not that I don't ride year round, but I ride more in the spring/summer/fall... Well the darn thing won't boot again. I know how to "fix" that anyway, so I figure no big deal. Except this time it doesn't want to cooperate and won't come back on.... I'm thinking I'm screwed because I think it may be over a year since I purchased the tuner. However after a phone call and two emails, Dynojet says, send us the tuner and we'll see what's up. Yesterday I get home to a box with a brand new tuner in it!

No hassles at all! Outfriggin'standing on their part and completely unexpected. To me this is a big deal and something I won't forget. I will be looking to upgrade a few things and then purchasing the remote tuning from Fuel Moto, but I wanted to share my awesome experience dealing with DJ.
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