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Does your ride have a nickname?

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I thought this could be a fun post...does your ride have a nickname? Curious to see what others have come up with, especially our friends from around the world! Post a pic along with it if you can!

My Scout is Kavorka, after Kramer on Seinfeld. Its a joke between my wife and I. In Seinfeld, Kavorka is supposed to mean 'The lure of the animal'. It is something like the animal attraction which causes friends to adore you and women to lust after you. So if you have got the Kavorka, you are said to be a real player and some kind of Casanova.

I affectionately refer to my Road King as "Pas Bon". I'm Cajun by birth and in Cajun French, it's slang for a person that causes trouble or is "no good". The RK belonged to my late father in law and we joked about the Indian vs Harley rivalry and his "Pas Bon" bike.

Edit...after posting this thread, of course, I saw there was an older, similar thread about nicknames here , but hey, it's 2022...maybe we can start fresh?

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Always like that bike and color. My wife had one.(y)
Very nice picture is it set in a real place?
Yes, that's Red Rock Canyon, just West of Las Vegas. It's a fifteen mile stretch that's the favorite of the local riders. Here is another angle:

View attachment 718722
Absolutely stunning photographs.
Thanks. Nice to have such a beautiful backdrop close to home.
There is nothing wrong about filtering or editing to highlight the moment.
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The finished SF painted 126 project. Name,” The Big Blue Thumper”.
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