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Neutral or First?

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Mmmm, Yeah?! Starting today I guarantee 1st gear no matter the situation. Thanks for starting this thread. It’s the little things you take for granted that bite.
I've always wondered why Polaris uses a non-locking kickstand, unlike HD. When I bought the bike, I didn't know that the kickstand didn't lock in place when down. That was a big surprise, and made my jaws hard. Also, my first kickstand broke in TWO places and was replaced under warranty. These heavy bikes should have a very strong stand that locks when down. I never worried about parking my HD Roadking, but my '14 Classic needed constant vigilance until I got the mind set to always park it in gear.

Also, I don't know if my bike is unlike other Indians, but I can start it in gear. I don't have to shift to neutral. I just push the start button by the right hand grip, wait for the F.I. to do it's thing, pull in the clutch and start it up. Maybe all Indians are like that, I don't know as I very seldom see one where I live. Maybe one of the many ECM reflashes I had to do might have something to do with it.

This thread wouldn't have had to be started if Polaris had spent a couple of bucks more in the development of a self-locking kickstand. I consider it a safety issue.

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