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Neutral or First?

Do you park in Neutral or First?

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Just curious what the ratio of N vs 1st parking is
I normally park in 1st gear maybe there's some cons to that?
I don't find it too difficult on Indians to find N off the bike
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Accidentally posted in the the wrong thread.


Wow!! But I just gotta ask this question!!! :( Did ya damage the rock??? :unsure::D
Not to my knowledge, although I have been called hard-headed . . .

I also broke my right collar bone. I was wearing one of those old style 3/4 helmets and when the lip under the ear connected with my collar bone, you which one lost that battle.

No cell phones in those days, of course, so I actually rode to the hospital on the back of one my friends bikes.

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I know of two examples. My brother was riding with his daughter on the back, stopped at a light, and someone rear ended them. Luckily, it was fairly slow, but it still shot them forward unexpectedly, and both fell off the bike. Second example was someone I sold a bike to. The next day, he was stopped and someone hit him hard. Eff'd up the bike pretty bad. He was fine though.

Even knowing both of these, I sit at stop lights in neutral...but I usually have a brake on.
Actually I meant to post this in a different thread, but I appreciate your response. I was sure that there were real life examples of this, cause it happens to cars, too.

Glad to hear that all involved were okay.

I appreciate your response.

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