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Neutral or First?

Do you park in Neutral or First?

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Just curious what the ratio of N vs 1st parking is
I normally park in 1st gear maybe there's some cons to that?
I don't find it too difficult on Indians to find N off the bike
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I guess I'm jus really curious about all of you who say that stay in 1st at stop lights because you're worried about someone slamming into your backside.

Now, I've only bee riding since 1973. In all of that time I have never had anyone even come close to hitting me at a stop light. Of all of the people I know who ride, not one of them has related a story about someone either almost, or actually, running into them in that situation.

So, that being said, for all of you who are so vehemently in favor of staying in 1st, for that safety reason, have you, or anyone you know, actually had that happen?

If not, I still do understand the whole "better safe than sorry" and "ride for the slide" philosophy of motorcycling. So, as a 2nd question, for the same group, how many of you are also ATGATT.

Neither of these question is meant to be a "got'cha" or anything like that. I refuse to ride without a helmet because, shortly after I first started riding, I ran off the road in a curve, my bike hit a huge rock, and I flew over the handlebars and landed on my head. My helmet had a 2" long gash in it.

I know of two examples. My brother was riding with his daughter on the back, stopped at a light, and someone rear ended them. Luckily, it was fairly slow, but it still shot them forward unexpectedly, and both fell off the bike. Second example was someone I sold a bike to. The next day, he was stopped and someone hit him hard. Eff'd up the bike pretty bad. He was fine though.

Even knowing both of these, I sit at stop lights in neutral...but I usually have a brake on.
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