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After a riding season with (HD) Fish Tails on my Jekill&Hyde exhaust, I decided to check out another look.
After a quick search on their site, I was very interested in the "Vintage" Tips (I would say britisch Norton Style).
But they are smaller and do not fit my 4" exhaust.

I got the J&H delivered special adapters which are made for this Screaming Eagle 4" Fish Tail Tips.
Next idea was to look out for Turn Down (called Turn Out from HD) Tips in same fit like the Fish Tails, so I can still use the adapters.
I seems the Screaming Eagle 4" Turn Down (and Part Number) is not longer aviable, I found one guy on ebay who offers only ONE of it.
Alternatively I checked the "Kerker" 4inch for Supertrap - but this Turn Downs are tapered and are mounted "inside" - so do not fit.

So I decided to start a DIY and ordered two Industrial Exhaust Tubes in a larger diameter.
For best fit on outside it is the dimension 100mm x 1.5mm 60deg Bow, which results in inner diameter about 97mm.

For this the adapters had to be machined a bit, but not overall because the last centimeter should still center the adapter into the J&H.


For cutting the Bow I used the Electronic High End Maxi Supadupa Endless-Saw in a friendly training company.
Nice cut in every angle you could dream off - but the hydraulic clamping device needs a defined pressure to allow the saw starting.
Aaaand... as the material strength has decreased by sawing, the hydraulic clamps readjusted.
Resulted in fine cut at the outlet ends , and fkd off cuts and oval shape at the adapter ends


To restraighten the tube I got a massive nicely shaped driver, hammered and pushed and...



After that it was able to paint and scribing the new edge I have to mill by hand with a Dremel.



German rider
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Part 2

Next was to copy the positions of the countersunk hole from the Fish Tails.
But to hammer a countersunk hole in this 1.5mm sheet it needed a much more than just a hammer and a wooden block.
So I have to accept that the Fish Tail Screws will not completely sink in.



This low budget - intermediate - coffee paid - number is not the best way to get a good result.
But I started, invested, and have to finish this damn parts.
That could be not so dramatic if it was able to chrome plate this material.
But the surface is more functional than fine, and my restraightening of the adapter end made this not very much better - so black temperature stable powder coating was my way to go.

And now, as the parts are powdered, the look nice.

The milling has left an acceptable plane edge and ok gap between Exhaust and Tip.

Should I rethink the idea of chrome plating due the screws? No, it is ok.
The Tips are a bit long, maybe, but the adapter needs some space before the bow take the room.



And I must say, I would have no concerns to put on some excessive loooong thin Shark Tails - I like them.
As big as the Fish Tails have been at the 4" Exhaust - No one could have expected that the solution would be... discret.
So I am fine with the result.
And as the first man who built black powdered hand made Turn Downs on his 4" Jekill&Hyde Exhaust...
I am the global market leader in quality and design.
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