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Did you ride today

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I thought it would be fun to read about our riding adventures.

I got out today and rode 54 miles on my Yamaha 850XS. The sky was blue and it was a warm 62 degrees afternoon, just right for the first ride of the year. The bike fired right up and ran like a champ no problems after sitting in the garage for 3 months. I buy my gas from a place that has 100% gas, no ethanol. I rode alone as I do most of the time. I have several routes, I call them laps, than I ride. Today's was on the river road run that is nice with a lot of curves and scenic views of the lake. The roads are all two lane and not very much traffic. The posted speed limits are 45 but on my bike 60 feels just right. Some of this is why I love to ride in the country; number of red lights 1, no. of cars I needed to pass 1, cars that passed me 0, cop cars 0, curves in the road many, smiles on my face - all the time. I didn't want to come home but the sun was going down and so was the temperature so I returned to my nest. I can't tell you how great that ride made me feel. Hell, I don't need to , you already know. Get busy riding my brothers and sisters and let's hear about it. Photos would be great too.
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Doncha just love these accurate weather reports the weather man gives ya??? I wish I had a dime for every weather report that said no rain today. But shortly after I go off on the scooter, I'm driving thru 2 inches of water on the roads and soaked to the bone!!GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! :mad:
I did not ride today.

They're are no weather forecasters anymore.
Nowadays, we have weather reporters who report the weather as it is happening or about to happen.
I think the weather folk have gotten worse this year.

I was going to ride to work this afternoon because the weather channels said no rain.
Was about to helmet up when I looked out the window and saw it changed from sunny to downpour.
Drove the cage to work. I came alongside a group of four cruisers who were riding through various spots of rain, no wet gear on.

Great job again, "AccuWeather". 👎
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