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I went to long beach motorcycle show to demo ride several different bikes.
Indian Scout
Victory Gunner
Harley CVO Softail
Harley Street Glide
Harley Road Glide

The Street Glide and Rode Glide are wonderful bikes. I love them but they are too expensive for me right now. Hence, I am thinking about getting the Scout or the Gunner. I am 6'01'' and 150 lbs. When I rode the scout, I felt the scout is really small, and the throttle spring is not really good. Some other rider told me that the throttle felt like a toy comparing with the victory. I know the bikes are preproduction bikes, so I hope the production bike will address the issue. Other than that, I love the seat and the engine. The transmission is also really good. I think the transmission is the best among all five bikes I rode that day. The engine is also the most smooth one.

I think the gauge on the scout is similar to the one on the Victory. So I don't understand why Polaris put fuel gauge and gear indicator on the gauge of Victory but not on the Indian Scout.

Other than the throttle spring, I want forward foot controls, a handle bar that is closer to me, and an extended reach seat. If it is possible, I want to put the victory gauge (tachometer and speedometer) on the scout.

The size of victory gunner felt right for me. I like how the gauge is right in front of me. But the engine has more vibration and the transmission is not as soft as the one on the scout.

Still think about choosing between the scout or the gunner.

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The Tranny on a Victory is not smooth like the Scout but it is Rock Solid just takes some getting used to .. I have a Deposit on the Scout and Loved the Ride and Power .. You don't can go wrong on either one of them but is up to You to Decide which one suits you best .. One advantage to the Gunner is can probably take it home with you the same day ..
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