The stock seat sucks. We all know this. So, you've finally decided to take the plunge and order an aftermarket seat. But which one? Russel Day Long? Saddleman Road Sofa? Corbin? Maybe you looked into having your stock seat redone, and were overwhelmed by the number of companies that offer that service. Maybe you want to go with a proven Name Brand, rather than someone who works out of their garage. Whatever the reason, you decided you wanted a Corbin. Specifically, you wanted the Fire and Ice because, let's face it, the TS111 runs hot, and every little bit helps. Now, I'm not going to bore you to death with the science behind how the seat works, as that I already available on the Corbin website. Suffice to say that it will cool the seat to 10-15 degrees below ambient temperature. Based on personal experience, it works really well below 85 degrees, but at 90 and above all it does is keep the engine heat from coming through...which is still nice, and you have the heater for those chilly Fall rides.

So, you looked at the price, but it is expensive! Starts at $900+, and that is before you start adding things like custom colors, backrests, and so on. I should know, as I bought one brand-new. Well, if you still have your heart set on a Fire and Ice, then I may have a deal for you! I am selling my Tan Fire and Ice that will fit a 2017 Chieftain or Roadmaster for $650, shipped. That is about half of what I paid new. The heating and cooling both work, and if you like Corbin seats, well, it is a Corbin, with the following: Indian Tan Leather, Diamond stitch pattern, Heavy Natural Stitching, Copper Logo, Ovalback backrest. There are no positioning adjustments made on this seat, so it has the normal Corbin-esque "sits a little higher than stock" feeling, and it moves you a little bit back.

What it is not: It is NOT a new seat, fresh out of the box with that new seat smell. I have 3 years and over 10,000 miles on it. There is some wear, some dirt, some blemishes, more-or-less normal wear & tear, and looks mostly cosmetic to my untrained eye. I have attached pics of the seat for your viewing pleasure. If you don't mind a little wear & tear on your seat, and want to save some money over buying a new seat (that will develop wear & tear and blemishes over time anyway), this is a good deal. Sure, putting all this out there might hurt the sale of the seat. That being said, I would rather be up-front about the condition of the seat, as opposed to getting an angry e-mail or phone call once someone buys the seat, thinking that it is in better condition than it is.

Why I am selling it: I don't like it. Plain and simple, the comfort level that I am looking for is not there. As many have mentioned before, Corbin seats are a love it or hate it relationship, and my ass hates it. The only reason I kept it for so long was that I was stationed in Germany, and my stock seat was in Florida. I just had my stock seat redone by Wil Molino at CycleOps USA, and I hope that it will work for me. So, I have a seat that is taking up space in my garage.