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Corbin Saddles now has a complete speaker set up, including the amp bracket. They are now in the process of designing an amp bracket at Corbin which will mount the amp lower in the bike, allowing for a more comfortable seating position. Kudos to Corbin Saddles! This kind of service, along with their great seats, is why I like dealing with Corbin Saddles.

Corbin Saddles responded in a first class manner when a poster on another forum discovered that the Indian saddle bag speaker set-up, and it's 'amp' which resides under the seat, prevents the Corbin seat from being bolted in. Corbin had no idea about the 'amp' when they designed their seat because accessories, or detailed descriptions of them, were no where in sight but Corbin responded quickly once the issue was discovered, will redesign the seat pan, and take care of all customers effected. Very cool.

This issue hasn't been mentioned on this forum but all Indian riders need to be aware and I wanted to try and help this forum get up and running.
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