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Five years ago the Scout sperm fertilized the Scout egg (a one-night stand!), and my bouncing 2015 Scout started growing inside Spirit Lake's tummy. Birth was on June 2, 2015!

Fortunately, we've only visited the doctor for regular checkups, no illnesses or injuries, but she's only got 6700 miles.

I usually don't buy the first year of anything (cars, motorcycles, computers, etc.) because I want all the wrinkles smoothed out before putting down the big money. But I have been completely happy and impressed by the dependability and performance of my first year Scout.

For those of you who took the risk on buying the all-new, first year Indian/Polaris Scout, how has your baby been doing? How many miles? Anyone have less than 6700 miles? Who's got the highest miles?

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Mine was born on September 2014.

Terrible sheet metal work.

Awful casting break aways.

Not bad for a novice powder coat.

Soft paint.

Worst suspension specifications EVER!

Uneven fluid levels in forks.

Sheered fly wheel key. Around 2k miles

Walked it home.

Destroyed cam bearings.

New head due to destroyed cam journals.

Big bore kit at 7500 miles.

9k immature, completely disrespectful miles on now.

Best bike with feet up ever.
Especially with all the faults that back up the story of it being the 15th scout ever made...
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