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Last I year indulged in some brown leather Jeantet googles, They go over glasses and I think have that quality vintage look. Ordered them with grey sunglass tint which works very well in Florida's bright summer sun. Cost with shipping $161 from the one US seller .I could find last year.

This year I wanted an extra pair with clear lenses for those few times I ride in the late evening/dark, wanted another Jeantet, but found price has gone up, now $171 plus shipping.

Don't really need anything special or felt like spending two Franklins for the occasional night jaunt so I looked to see what I could find on Amazon and found these:

For $35 and other than being in black, looked like my $161 pair. The amazon ad claims the lens are Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses meeting ANSI Z87.1+ safety standards. (Looked it up and it looks like a legit impact standard). So I ordered them.

Pics below. There are definitely some differences between a $171 pair of glasses and a $35 knock off, brand named Birdz. The lenses look the same as Jeantet, the lens frame and trim looks the same. The Jeantet frame is alot more stiff, has a more concave shape, the knockoffs are kind of floppy. Both handle my spectacles, helmet on seem to seal up as well, will have to ride to find out for sure. . The head band is clearly of inferior material and the hardware on the strap is plastic instead of metal. The padding on the Jeantet frame is leather, not sure this is, if it isn't leather its a decent imitation vinyl.

The lenses on the knockoff have photochromatic, took them out in the sun and they darken up. Not as good as a true sunglass tinted lens however. Comparison photos below, brown are the 1 year old Jeantets, black are the Birdz:


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