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I bought a saddle tan 1920 solo seat online for my 2015 Scout but the color match to the saddlebags or the original seat isn’t even close. The OEM seat and the bags are identical. The solo seat, while really nice leather is much darker and richer/deeper in color. Some of the time the online pix look like they’re a close match but others do not. I assumed it was just the lighting and/or the computer screen.

If you have the tan solo seat and the tan bags can you tell me if they match? Or if you still have your OEM seat or can remember if the solo seat is the same color, please post a reply.

There isn’t any other color choice other than black is there? Or is there another seat I’m unaware of?

If not, it looks like I may have to just sell this one at a good discount and write it off. Thanks for your help.
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