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Clutch Plate Replacement

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My Challenger clutch slips under heavy load at times. I'd like to put the Barnett clutch kit with the extra plate and upgraded springs in.

My question is, can I do this without actually removing the clutch basket from the bike? The service manual lists a "staking nut" (#4 in diagram below from the Challenger manual) which is torqued to 125 lb-ft which must be removed to fully take the clutch basket out, and of course this requires a special procedure for locking the crankshaft.

On the TS111 it looks like a very simple job (see this post) to change the friction plates and springs without major disassembly. Looks like you can take the pressure plate off without touching this "staking nut". Is the PowerPlus the same way?

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I just got my bike serviced and after that my clutch started slipping about 4 weeks after that service. After adjusting freeplay, it was still slipping. They just pulled the clutch apart and found it was burnt up. Only 13K miles. I'm upset that the bike got serviced, and I found that there was no free play in the clutch lever at all the entire time I have been riding the bike. It wasn't set up properly and now I have to pay the price to get it fixed as Indian would not warranty it as it came setup that way from the factory.
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Yeah, That's what I think did it, The dealer is going to eat the labor to install the new clutch since they are the only ones that have touched the bike, but I have to buy the parts. Just ordered the Barnett next day air shipment right to the shop so I can get rolling again by the weekend.
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Got the clutch installed and it's running great. I can tell no difference between the OEM and this Barnett clutch. I didn't get the version with the extra plates.
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