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Hi All,
This is driving me mad and getting expensive. I just bought a 2017 Dark Horse with 12k for a great price. 48 hours into riding chirp chirp chirp on deceleration and if I drive lower speeds in high gear.
I have paid for a belt alignment I didn't need as the noise is directly under my handlebars. I paid for the computer being reflashed as there is a stage one air cleaner and pipes. Nothing, in fact it seems to be worse. The techs at the dealership say its a normal bike noise, but start it from cold and only ride it 10 min or so.
I really want to love this bike. Let me say I have ridden 30+ years and many bikes, all with some cranks and clings I could identify or live with and this is NOT a normal noise, and the dealership isn't doing anything except taking my money. Any thoughts or common experiences?
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