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We just returned from an amazing 9 day trip up to the White Mountains of Arizona. In addition to beating the record breaking heat we have been experiencing here in southern Arizona this year we were celebrating our 50th anniversary {we got married when we were 12... we didn't want to but we had to}. :eek: When we travel in our 24’Class C motorhome I always tow our 6 X 10’ cargo trailer hauling either my Indian Springfield motorcycle or our Polaris Rzr side by side depending on our destination and what sort of fun we intend to have while there. For this trip the obvious choice was the Indian…

We began the trip with 4 days of bike rides and fun up above the Mogollon Rim outside of Heber {30 miles west of Show Low} and enjoyed our stay at a very nice RV Resort. On Saturday we moved 100 miles east up to Big Lake at 9,200’ for another 5 days of too much fun.

The White Mountains have some of the finest motorcycle roads in the country to Include the Devil’s Highway which is rated by many as the finest motorcycle road in north America. Between Clifton to the south and Springerville on the north the DH has over 1,100 curves {about 25% of which are first gear events trust me, but I digress} in just 120 miles most of which are at 6 to 8,000’+ with views that seem to go one forever. {it’s known as the Devils Highway as it used to be AZ 666 but people kept stealing the signs so the Arizona Department of Transportation rebadged it as Highway 191… seriously Google it}.

We last got to ride the DH a couple of years ago and were anxious to try it again {weather permitting} which during the Monsoon is a challenge. We set out with high hopes on our anniversary last Sunday though we had to confine that ride to the northern section due to incoming Monsoon thunderstorms and then again on Monday where we were able to extend our ride further south given the improved weather. We concluded our anniversary with a bottle of 2008 Dom Perignon {courtesy of my very generous BIL} followed by a fine dinner of Filet Mignon accompanied by a nice baked potato with the works.

Tuesday we rode north through Springerville up to St John’s and west through Concho and through Show Low before looping back to Big lake. We managed to beat the incoming thunderstorm back to camp by about 45 minutes and were treated to mother nature up on her hind legs all afternoon. Lots of lightning/thunder accompanied by heavy rain and winds made for a fun afternoon sitting under our awning with beverage or two… A nice pizza, also with the works, made for a fun dinner to wrap-up another great day.

Here is a shot of campsite at the Rainbow campground at Big Lake:All together we managed to log more than 750 miles in 6 morning rides over some of the most scenic, bordering on spectacular, roads to be found anywhere. The return trip home this morning was uneventful but again gorgeous and the 270 miles passed quickly with good weather and very light traffic.

Here is shot from the Blue Vista overlook about the middle the DH looking west towards Mt Graham {10,717' and about 70 miles distant}:


Here is a pic of our campsite at Big Lake:


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Hey you’re living the dream, something I want to do after I retire in less than 3 years. I might just trade in my fifth wheel and get a class C motor home like yours and trailer my new Challenger. Congrats on 50, Im going on almost 30 yrs myself. Thanks for the pics.
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