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CAUTION!!! Don't fry your ECM

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If you have to access your battery DO NOT remove the four bolts that hold the ECM to the plastic plate on top of the battery.

There is one bolt at the rear of the plate. Remove that and slide the plate forward with the ECM still attached. Then you can swing the assembly up and out of the way.

If you remove the ECM first and then remove the plastic plate there is a strong possibility that the ECM will slip and fall onto the pos. battery terminal.

Zap! Just like that, there goes $600. Trust me. I know.
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It's just asking the right questions at time of delivery. I think knowing how to remove your battery is one thing we all should know how to do safely One screw at rear of the ECM, lift rear and slide back the ECM ,Removing the Negative terminal first is always Number one then the positive terminal next.You can use Zip Tye's straps to hold the cables out of the way ,lift the battery out with caution. Install in reverse method , positive cable first then negitive,then ECM with great care one screw rear of ECM and your done.I usually wrap the ECM in a towel once pulled to and extra protection for the computer. I hope this helps some that are still unsure of the proper procedure. This a safe way I have removed batteries for yrs in motor cycles auto or trucks as I 'm a heavy duty mech and body man always repair vehicles safely
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