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CAUTION!!! Don't fry your ECM

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If you have to access your battery DO NOT remove the four bolts that hold the ECM to the plastic plate on top of the battery.

There is one bolt at the rear of the plate. Remove that and slide the plate forward with the ECM still attached. Then you can swing the assembly up and out of the way.

If you remove the ECM first and then remove the plastic plate there is a strong possibility that the ECM will slip and fall onto the pos. battery terminal.

Zap! Just like that, there goes $600. Trust me. I know.
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One of my biggest "faults" is that I don't know a great deal mechanically speaking. I try simple things but most of the time, I end up spending the money and let the trained professionals assume the risk. I got froggy a couple of months ago and took my tank off myself. It only took me a day and a half to realize it wouldn't start because I hooked the fuel pump incorrectly. Not an expensive lesson that time but one that reenforces me to stay in my lane. I had bought a lift when I first got the bike thinking I'd try at last to do my own oil changes, I have since punked out. I'll just keep being book smart, and paying up.:rolleyes:

Silver lining for you may be a 2015 VCM, if LEDs were ever a consideration.
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