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CAUTION!!! Don't fry your ECM

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If you have to access your battery DO NOT remove the four bolts that hold the ECM to the plastic plate on top of the battery.

There is one bolt at the rear of the plate. Remove that and slide the plate forward with the ECM still attached. Then you can swing the assembly up and out of the way.

If you remove the ECM first and then remove the plastic plate there is a strong possibility that the ECM will slip and fall onto the pos. battery terminal.

Zap! Just like that, there goes $600. Trust me. I know.
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My question exactly.

NO ONE (well maybe a few) would consult a shop manual, research youtube videos or interrogate their dealer at the time of delivery to do a simple thing like disconnect the battery.

Seems like there would be a "dumb shit" protector on the pos. post of the battery. I mean when your battery goes dead and needs to be replaced you're most likely going to be at a beer joint or hotel.
Well were is the RED rubber boot over the positive terminal to me this a design fault to fix this issue on the next service the positive & negative should be covered with boots what a BAD design
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