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Cardo Packtalk Bold Install Nightmare

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Hi all,

I have a brand new Packtalk Bold that I tried installing today on my Shoei FR-SR (full-face) helmet. I opted to use the (removable) spring clip attachment install method rather than the (permanent) glue-on mounting method. Inside the spring clip, there is a rubber insert that came lose and bunched up at the bottom of the mounting hardware where edge of the helmet lands. I pulled it out and find that the rubber insert is (was) glued on with a double-sided super-sticky patch which is now messed up and unusable.

Has anyone else had this problem? What should I use to re-glue the rubber to the inside of the spring clip? It seems like a very kludgy mounting method. I wanted to avoid the glue-on mounting method because it is not removable.

I already emailed Cardo, but their email auto-reply said it would be a number of days before they would even be able to look at this problem. :mad:

Needless to say, this sucks because the thing is brand new.
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I have the LS2 valiant. I used the glue on method. Blow dryer is what was recommended for removal. 2 day trip to Olympic peninsula with 3 bikes and 5 cardo units. Worked great. Also ride to Mt. Rainier worked great.
The speakers fit fine in my xl LS2. I had to dremel out a deeper slot in my wife's med size LS2. Just used the supplied velcro pads for a pattern.
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