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Buffalobrand Air Horn installation + additional wiring.

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Hi folks! Today installed BB horn and want to share some ideas. Prior to installation bought 3 meters of wire, electric tape, cable protector hose, generic waterproof connectors, 5 pin automotive relay

Here is scheme:

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All wires collected under seat. There is plenty of space for relay and wires
There is 2 switched outlets under seat. I have connected to small one

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Then cutted OE horn connector, added generic connector to wire and ran cable through cable trank under fuel tank. Did the same for horn itself.

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Ran cables from battery and relay to Buffalobrand horn under fuel tank.

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Here is how looks

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After all wires connected to relay as per scheme and voila! It works!!!

So now, when I switch on alarm, only OE horn beeps and works. If motorcycle is switched on or started, them only Buffalo horn works. If someone want, switch could be added to "+12 switched", then you could choose which horn to use.

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If anyone have any questions, I'm ready to help

P.S. BB horn quality is really outstanding, truly bulletproof construction