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Bolt in my Tire

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On my commute in this morning...I ran over a bolt. Luckily I was close enough to home to get my vintage back to the garage.

Now what.....

Does Indian offer roadside assistance? Anyone else been in the same boat?

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Wow...lots of humor and knowledge here.
Here's what went down:
Contacted IRG they sent a tow w/in an hours time.
Guy shows up with a flatbed covered in oil.....
Ended up wenching me up.
Then the guys goes to strap it down from the front left of the truck...running the strap across the handlebars and back to the left corner of the flat bed. I looked at him and just shook my head. I proceeded to teach him how to properly tie down a moto.
I sign a doc w/ the delivery location of my local Indian dealer.
I immediately called the dealer and asked them if I could bring up the tire I would prefer to have installed. No dice "we only install tires we sell". I said that would have been great info to have before I had my bike sent your direction. He managed to find a tire for nearly half the cost w/out an Indian logo on it. Anyone care to guess what an Indian tube goes for? Luckily he found me one of those w/out an Indian logo as well.
I asked them to let me know when my bike landed safely.
No call call from IRG letting me know that it landed
No call from my local shop letting me know that it landed
Nothing but a survey from IRG...which I filled out appropriately

I plan on inspecting my bike thoroughly once it is complete...if there is damage from the transport.....who's at fault? I know he compressed the front shocks way to much...and the tow strap ran along my front fender....who knows what happened when it was dropped off....
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1 - 2 of 38 Posts