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Bolt in my Tire

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On my commute in this morning...I ran over a bolt. Luckily I was close enough to home to get my vintage back to the garage.

Now what.....

Does Indian offer roadside assistance? Anyone else been in the same boat?

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Hey jdubsweb, If it's a tubeless tire, or a tube without puncture. I know what I'm about to say here is heresy and not politically correct and not OSHA correct and not anywhere else in todays America correct .Unless you bought some policy for fixing flats it's going to cost you about $300.00. Here is a recommendation. Pull the bolt and plug it. Yes I'm talking about one of those bought from "WallyWorld" plug kits. I have run them for 4 to 5 thousand miles with no problems whatsoever. To the knee jerk crowd who has been indoctrinated in OSHA get over it. Here comes the salsa, will everytime you get a nail or such are you going to pay $300.00. Lets get ridiculous,say you just paid $300.00 for a new tire and drove a block and got another puncture are you going to turn around ,go back and pay another $300.00? Flame me all you want if you wish and red x if that suits you. I'm telling you a well fixed plug is dependable,plus how worse off are you out in the middle of nowhere with a perfect tire that suddenly experiences a failure. RED IRON
I had that exact thing happen. Brand new $300 rear tire on my Suzuki with less than 100 miles picked up a screw. Had it plugged and ran 5000 problem free miles afterward.

The only time that's a real big concern Imo is if you're racing. Cruising, no problem.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts