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Hi folks. In the process of de-chroming my Silver Smoke Chieftain I bought some 3m adhesive backed trim to use in place of the chrome fender trim that was on the bike. It works super easy and countours very nicely. It is 1/2 inch wide and about 3/16 thick and has the 3m adhesive tape backing that holds really strong. The chrome trim was slightly wider but I like this better as it is not as in your face. I took a couple of pics to show how it looks. I bought 20 feet for 40 bucks and have about 12 feet left. I decided not to use on the rear fender as after taking off the rear trim it does not have holes in the fender as does the front so it looks great as is and the bags hid that fender anyways. I will send the mailing to anywhere in the US for 20 bucks via PayPal friends and family if anyone is wanting to do this process to their bike. The black molding is a satin black in appearance which goes great with the other matte trim is used. A great match overall.
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