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Bike Order Master Tracking List

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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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You honestly might as well start looking for another bike because things def aren't looking good lol
Problem with that is ordering a new bike just about anywhere will have the same delays.
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Guess it depends on what he wants
Not my concern. Just weighing that it's not just Indian having problems delivering product.
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