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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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What's frustrating for me is that this is the second or third time that I've had a "Scheduled to Ship" date move back to TBD. I ordered in May and I completely understood that the wait time is around 12-16 weeks. However, my hopes and expectations as a consumer have been built up and then dropped multiple times. When you're checking the order status page regularly and see a timeline, it sucks to see it go back to "to be decided". The fact that it happened twice, moreso. As a first time Indian & Polaris customer it gives me a sour taste & distrust right off the bat.

The coaster was nice, but really? It kind of made things worse. I was thinking I was so close, just around the corner I'd receive a built status. With the implication that they were sorry it was taking so long I was given the free merch, but as I said that kind of built my hopes up of "soon" even more. I think the average consumer would much rather have a better estimation and status updates rather than free surely-overstocked merch.
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Two weeks in. Love the bike. First two are before last two are new seat and plate relocation
Looking great, that's a nice color. Looking back I wish I would have gotten something ordered other than matte black to stand out a bit.
The guys on the r/IndianMotorcycles are equally pissed.
However I have seen some dealers discuss that they've been receiving a lot more bikes recently, and in greater delivery quantities. Hopefully that means that Indian is continuing to pick up speed/more shifts to catch up to demand.
Honest question: if a Scout bobber 60 was available immediately to you, brand new and in the color you wanted your ISB. Would you take it?
Personally- no way. I love the stance of the standard ISB. Different color, same model, I would consider it.
Called my dealer and he said that they still have a black smoke ordered in later part of March yet to be delivered. A person recently ordering has a estimated time of November/October.

Could be a few more weeks to a month on all the recent 7/31 moved to TBD.
Howdy- if you haven't read up on this thread I'm one of the guys who has had a few "scheduled" build dates move from a specific date to "To Be Decided". It's happened around twice.
Most recently a lot of people, including myself, had a ship date by 7/31 and it was moved into TBD recently.

Latest update as of this afternoon, my tracker is now reading 8/16-8/31 ship date. Don't hold your breath, gents. With how shit this tracker is this could be yet another rugpull. At least we have movement.
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For those of you who are not on Reddit. There is a guy there, "Mindspear"
Saw that stickypost as well and posted a reply to u/N0rdstar, which I am guessing might be you.

I am willing to bet that with his post timing and then this afternoon's tracker updates he's very in the know on those sorts of things so hopefully we can give some credence to seeing our bikes get built and transit in the coming weeks. It would be good if it did. Don't get your hopes up. Again. For the third time.
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Interesting how bikes ordered now could be in a September time frame when bikes from arpil are just now shipping lol
The power of overtime.
An idea from someone who has worked manufacturing- does Polaris' factories have AC? It's been a hot couple months so maybe they had trouble retaining employees. Hell, maybe they just installed AC and people are more willing to stay on as well as do OT.
What's going on here???
Not a stagnation in sales at all. The dealerships are very busy with preorders flying out the door all the time.

Economy has been shit recently and people are finally getting together some savings together. High gas prices means more motorcycle buyers as well. Stock is up 1.62%/6month or 8.36%/1month. Most the parts are made in China but assembled in the US, just like most brands. Apparel and Merch especially so.

Any slowdown is a result in China-US trading issues. And that's not fake news as many claim. Months ago ports were full and plenty of cargo containers never moving. Global shortage on black matte paint as well since the materials for that are all chinese. Doesn't take much to figure if you order a black scout those factors come into play.
Usually when the economy is "shit", people can't rub two pennies together...interesting. I guess we aren't in a recession after all. Let's go Brandon!

So not only does China have a monopoly on semiconductors, you're telling me they have a monopoly on matte black paint? Who knew...
Meh, I'll agree to disagree with you.
China doesn't have a monopoly on semiconductors, Singapore does. However, when you're trying to get all of that through the same port on the west coast all the chinese bullshit clogging the port impacts everything.

Are you aware of how many millions of cars were sitting in parking lots awaiting chips? And it's not a monopoly on matte black paint, but a near-monopoly on the PIGMENT in the paint. There are a handful of large scale industrial paint makers in the US and they were all low on said pigments.
Luckily the tide is turning as the current administration drags us into yet another war, we are realizing we need to be self sustaining. Big deals for microchip manufacturing like the one they will be putting near Purdue.

Your anecdote is fine, but I work in a fortune 500 large-scale industrial manufacturing business. We stopped coating our well known red-colored engines due to "environmental" reasons but no doubt it is a mix of budget and supply chain saving measures.
Another thing to keep in mind is how much of Polaris' profit is the merch you're complaining about? Likely very few percent if even a singular percentage.

But enough economics, I'm glad to see some movement on the tracker.
That's great but if you consider the overall market performance in luxury/entertainment/personal motorsporting, Polaris is doing fine.
That is to say, we are most definitely in a recession but Polaris is handling it fairly well and people are still buying despite rising costs of living. Q1 is always a horrible indicator of performance.

Let me put it in plain English because clearly there's some confusion- The economy is absolutely in a recession to the point where the left is trying to redefine the word to avoid embarassment. Despite this, Polaris is doing fine COMPARATIVELY to overall performance of similar companies and product lines. Shortages are 1000% a real thing and not fake news despite anecdotal shoe shopping trips.
How are you going to sit here in Q3 and tell me that because Q1 had bad sales Polaris can't be selling at rates higher than Q1? We've all heard the horror stories from earlier in the year and it seems that they are pushing full throttle to make quicker turnarounds comparatively than their poor performance.
I understand you're comparing last years Q1 to this years but then you go to say that because this years Q1 sucks Polaris' Q3 is performing bad? The stock doesn't say that at all.

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You guys sound like you don't work manufacturing, business, or especially manufacturing business. But hey- I could be wrong!
I could go on but I don't wish to derail this thread any further.
I ordered my FTR Carbon on Jul 28. I recently received an update from Indian that the bike is scheduled to be built and the ship date is 9-15 to 9-30. Playing the waiting game...
That's a real quick turnaround.
My ISB ABS Black Smoke, the one that has had multiple TBD? From 7/1-7/31 then 8/16-8/31? Oh, it's now showing 8/16-9/30.
At what point do we start to file complaints with Better Business Bureau regarding 3 or 4 delays and constant dicking around with the customer?
Indian has it covered, 12+ weeks most people ignore the + and are unrealistically hope it will be only 12 weeks. But the reality is a Dark horse, dark blacked out model is averaging 6 months or more.

Guys you ordered a bike in a massive supply chain crisis, the auto industry is in the same boat, and that wait list is several YEARS!

This info about massive delays has been out there for a while.

These manufactures cannot realistically know when they will have parts to build these bikes. They are given estimates by their suppliers and that's all they have to go on. The suppliers are missing their own targets badly. This is not a defense of Indian, but a currently reality in all sectors.

The est ship date are Soley based on parts arrival estimates. It means absolutely nothing until you see Built on the status.

You are100% correct!

However this logic falls apart when Indian's internal tracker has given me three, now four different promised ship dates. Adjusting them with no notice, changing them to "TBD" etc. multiple times.
Fellas you know its bad when you faintly remember dreaming that your time was moved to "TBD". I'm surprised I didn't wake up in a cold sweat.
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