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Bike Order Master Tracking List

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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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Wow... mine was just updated today as well. Must be a batch of them that are being put together! Woooooooot!

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Order date: May 17th '22
I just got the same update on the tracker! I placed my order on 5/9 , so it sounds like we might be on the same batch! This is good news!
So who else here has a ship date of July (10-31 for me), anyone else?
I do! Scout Bobber BSM ABS. Ordered 5/9 in Tx. Haven’t seen any movement on the order since they placed the dates on the tracker.
How about you?
Funny, I just ordered a set of Avon Cobra Chromes (white walls), and I have the Radical Radius exhaust sitting in my living room...

I think I'm getting crazier as I get older... would have never ordered parts for a bike I don't have yet when I was younger. I thought we were supposed to get wiser as we get older?!

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LOL dude, you wanna hear crazy? I sometimes put on all the gear I bought, shoes to helmet, jacket to gloves… everything, just to feel closer to the bike. That wait is messing with our brains bro 😂

The radical radius is such a badass exhaust! My only concern is the fact that there’s no way of having passenger pegs with it.
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Looks like a bunch of people got their bikes this weekend, based on what I’ve seen on the Facebook groups. One of them being a scout Bobber ordered at the end of March in the US. That puts delivery time at 15 weeks. Looking at my order time, I’m at week 9 and week 15 would fit the time frame of the shipping window provided on the website. Only a few more weeks left if I’m lucky!
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Ha ha. I am at 7 months here in Canada. Hopefully it will be at the dealership on Monday.
Yup. Anything outside of the US is a whole different game. Hope you get your bike this week and we get to see pics!
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This whole wait has suddenly become so bearable and it's totally worth it after having received that coaster in the mail today. You can tell Indian really cares about those of us who are waiting for our bikes.... #SaidNoOneEver LOL. It's the thought that counts, I guess.
I just feel honesty would go a long way. If I was told I’d have it in the spring or for Christmas I’d be cool. I could plan. But thinking I’d be riding it in a month only to see the wait times you’ve all been through? Kick to the dick.
Oh, and my salesman asked for a large sum of money as a deposit. Thankfully the financier gent told me as low as 500$ works so that’s what they got., worst case I can swallow the 500$.. or tell visa I never received my goods and I’m sure they will deal with it.
ok lol…All these crazy waits I’m seeing that some of you have gone through have me worked up. I still have a month I guess.
But giving you guys coasters? Woooow.
Jeez… sportster s kinda looks not as bad. And there is a Ducati Diavel with 6k for 12g available through family. To bad I’ve bashed my Harley Bros so long I’d never live it down. And I broke enough bones on my R1.
Scout Bobber is what I want, and at used prices here I want my butt breaking the seat in. I guess I’ll drool over some of y’all’s pics till then.
I totally get it bro. I have many a times flirted with the Sporster S, and even test rode a couple of other HD, including the nightster. Granted I’ve never even seen a Sportster S in person since they are also back ordered, but I’ve spent a million hours on YouTube comparing them both. The Sporster is simply not for me. This is my first bike, so something with that much power is just not for me right now. I feel like I’m already pushing it with the scout, so I decided against it and I’m just here with a thumb up my ass waiting for the Indian LOL.

Waiting sucks, but I think if I would have gone with any other bike and I would have ever been joined at a red light by a scout bobber, I would have wanted to ride myself stupid into a tree for not having gone for the bike I really wanted. Patience is a virtue; not mine, but someone’s. 😂
My dealership only requires $100 down for the deposit to order…I also never saw anyone but this dealership offer the 1 million mile warranty…

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Man, I’m telling you… I LOATHE my dealership. I’ve had nothing but a shit experience with them and haven’t heard from them at all since I gave them the $500 bucks deposit. I was even tempted to cancel my order at some point and try another dealership, but I had already been waiting for weeks, so I would have only shot myself in the foot.
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No ship date range yet?
We've both got the same shipping window: 7/10 - 7/31. Still says "Scheduled".
Meanwhile, I’m here, refreshing that stupid tracking page 10 times a day like a moron because it’s already within my shipping window and the damn thing still says “scheduled”. 😒
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Ordered: Indian Scout Bobber
Order Date: 05/17/22
Confirmed: 05/19/22
Scheduled: 05/19/22

**Just got a text from Kelly at Indian, saying that she's checking on the build process; fingers crossed that mine is in the process or darn close to being built as well. Lots of good news happening, hoping we can keep this party rolling (literally).
I was gonna reach out to Nick (mah dude at Indian) to ask about mine, but since our orders are running very close together, I figure it would be pretty much the same. Let’s see what they tell you. It feels like we might get some positive news soon!
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The last time I spoke with my guy at Indian, he mentioned that even with estimated window they had provided, his educated guess was that the bike wouldn't be built until late July and I would have it with me in August. So far, it seems like he was right. He said that 3 weeks ago, so I'll give it another week and call him to check on progress. CONGRATULATIONS to those who have received their bikes! Ride them until the wheels fall off, and then get new wheels!
So I just had a really confusing experience with Polaris. I called to see if my bike was still on track to be shipped by the 31st. First the guy (who was not my usual person) said that they have exactly the same information than we do, which I know it’s not true because they can check with the actual production line and they have done it in the past; then he said “I wouldn’t hold my breath for that 31st date. Most likely, you’re probably looking at late September.”

WHAT!? That makes no sense. I’m already at 10 weeks and saying late September would put me at close to 20. I have no heard of anyone in the USA waiting that long for a scout bobber ABS black smoke. Now I’m feeling really discouraged.

I placed my order on 5/9 if it helps. Has anyone heard anything different?
I ordered my bike 1 week after you. My shipping date is July 10 - 31st as well.

I got the same run-around as you when I emailed Kelly last week.

I have a feeling they're having difficulties sourcing ECUs at the moment... and this doesn't bode well for any of us.

At this point, I'll pick the bike up from the dealership and have to put it right into "Winter Storage" at the Harley Dealer roflmao...
Man, I’m telling you, shit like this has me wanting to go look at the Sporster S.
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Just my regular bitching post saying that this wait sucks ass. Y’all can carry on with your day now.
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Latest Update:

Order: Indian Scout Bobber Black Smoke (no factory upgrades or additions)
Order Date: May 17, '22
Confirmed Date: May 19, '22
Scheduled Date: May 19, '22
Anticipated Ship Date: July 10 - 31st

I was hesitant today to give Indian Motorcycle a call; I don't like pestering people who are already under enough stress. However, I wanted to get some clarity on what's happening. Meaning, that my portal dates hadn't changed at all and I'd rather receive 'bad' news than no news at all; setting my expectations.

When I called I got Jonathan on the phone; have to say he's a pretty cool dude. He gave me the rundown that many bikes are near complete, but they're waiting on smaller parts here and there to completely finish them; nothing new, we're aware of that. The information that was really interesting was that when we discussed logistics and supply chain items, he informed me that there are certain distributors that present a challenge that's almost comical (from my perspective). So the distributors will haggle with the amount of parts shipped to Indian, because they're trying to fulfill orders for other businesses etc. After an amount of parts is decided, they'll ship those parts to Indian, but far fewer parts actually arrive in the box that they're receiving. From my understanding this is a game the distributors play in order to keep clients in-tow and deal with their own supply problems.

This makes sense, and also describes the challenges that Indian has with shipping the bikes and updating the portals for pending clients; how it almost seems "last minute" or haphazard. When these widgets arrive, the technicians at the plant run over to the bikes, quickly fit the last bits then run the bike thru quality control. Then shipping logistics steps in quickly and has to go to the shipping "job boards" (if you've ever shipped a vehicle you understand these boards) and figure out which truckers are going where, and how many bikes they can take to various locations. In summary, and again, most of our bikes are built from the standpoint of the vast amount of work of mating engine to frame, and other larger items. He also told me that some of this is electronics, but there are other items (little items) that are holding up the process. Jonathan got a kick out of me saying "if you're waiting on black paint, I'll rattle can the bike"... I was joking but it loosened the conversation up a bit where he could relax and didn't have to worry about an angry customer.

The good news, is that those of us with a July 10 - 31st date... well, they're still trying to make that happen; I was shocked and told him how amazing that was, but understood if the bike is delayed. He told me they're trying to stick to those portal dates, and for all rational purposes they think they can meet those, even if these parts come in at the last minute next week. I won't be surprised if the bikes are delayed until Mid/Late August, but from how he explained their logistics, they're pretty darn efficient at this time. Now, a case could be made for going to other mfg/distributors for these missing parts, but if these other firms are also located in China, then its a moot point. Of note is that this type of behavior from distributors in China of agreeing to one amount of product and shipping another isn't unheard of; actually it's common place. I would not want to be in their receiving department, because ordering a certain amount of parts, then receiving only a portion of those would create nightmares of there own in tracking and inventory (ugh!).

I tip my hat to Jonathan, and those that are at the plant in Iowa... I'm pretty sure they're just as frustrated as those of us who want our bikes; and they're handling it pretty well, Jonathan was apologetic and again... a pretty cool dude!
thank you for taking the time to post this update. I’ve been refreshing this page in hopes that someone would hear something. My update is: I called my dealership and they actually told me they would call Polaris and they would give me a callback. To my surprise, this time they actually did and they told me that Polaris confirmed the shipping window. They said they understand they are 10 days away from that, but that so far, they are doing everything they can to ship those bikes out before the 31st.

This seems aligned with your update. Honestly, I’m tired of getting my hopes up, but it does give me some hope seeing that multiple sources seem to not be changing the date. If anything, I could think that they are actually trying to make those dates happen and not just blowing us off. Who knows. At this point in time, I’ve invested too much time and energy into this to quit, so I guess it’ll be here when it’ll be here.

Thanks again for the update! Let’s keep them coming if anyone else hears anything else.
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Not to discourage anyone, but I just saw in one of the facebook groups someone got an update for delivery. Firm shipping date of 8/12 with an order date of 3/30 for a ISB ABS black smoke. A bunch of people with orders from April commented they have not received any updates and they all have the same 7/10-7/31 shipping date. FML.
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We ordered at the same time. Got my coaster 2 weeks ago. This wait is killing me.
Yup. We three ordered at around the same date. It’s crazy they haven’t changed the delivery window on the portal which kindda gives me hope, but at the same time makes no sense. Let’s see what happens when Bigbadvoodoodaddy calls them later this week. Also got my fancy coaster a week or two ago.
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From the Reddit forums, someone with an order date of April 22nd, has now a firm ship date of 8/5 for a Scout Rogue BS. This is the first order I’ve seen from April and it’s at the end of April, so somehow this gives me hope for those of us with orders at the beginning of May.
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