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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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I took delivery on same model and color a week ago. Enjoying the ride, but it is so tempting to turn that throttle during break in.
Do it. Break-in on a modern motor's mostly a persistent myth.
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I just got the same update on the tracker! I placed my order on 5/9 , so it sounds like we might be on the same batch! This is good news!
May 13th here, right in between you two, and same ship date range. Gogogogogo
Latest Update:

Order: Indian Scout Bobber Black Smoke (no factory upgrades or additions)
Order Date: May 17, '22
Confirmed Date: May 19, '22
Scheduled Date: May 19, '22
Anticipated Ship Date: July 10 - 31st

I was hesitant today to give Indian Motorcycle a call; I don't like pestering people who are already under enough stress. However, I wanted to get some clarity on what's happening. Meaning, that my portal dates hadn't changed at all and I'd rather receive 'bad' news than no news at all; setting my expectations.

When I called I got Jonathan on the phone; have to say he's a pretty cool dude. He gave me the rundown that many bikes are near complete, but they're waiting on smaller parts here and there to completely finish them; nothing new, we're aware of that. The information that was really interesting was that when we discussed logistics and supply chain items, he informed me that there are certain distributors that present a challenge that's almost comical (from my perspective). So the distributors will haggle with the amount of parts shipped to Indian, because they're trying to fulfill orders for other businesses etc. After an amount of parts is decided, they'll ship those parts to Indian, but far fewer parts actually arrive in the box that they're receiving. From my understanding this is a game the distributors play in order to keep clients in-tow and deal with their own supply problems.

This makes sense, and also describes the challenges that Indian has with shipping the bikes and updating the portals for pending clients; how it almost seems "last minute" or haphazard. When these widgets arrive, the technicians at the plant run over to the bikes, quickly fit the last bits then run the bike thru quality control. Then shipping logistics steps in quickly and has to go to the shipping "job boards" (if you've ever shipped a vehicle you understand these boards) and figure out which truckers are going where, and how many bikes they can take to various locations. In summary, and again, most of our bikes are built from the standpoint of the vast amount of work of mating engine to frame, and other larger items. He also told me that some of this is electronics, but there are other items (little items) that are holding up the process. Jonathan got a kick out of me saying "if you're waiting on black paint, I'll rattle can the bike"... I was joking but it loosened the conversation up a bit where he could relax and didn't have to worry about an angry customer.

The good news, is that those of us with a July 10 - 31st date... well, they're still trying to make that happen; I was shocked and told him how amazing that was, but understood if the bike is delayed. He told me they're trying to stick to those portal dates, and for all rational purposes they think they can meet those, even if these parts come in at the last minute next week. I won't be surprised if the bikes are delayed until Mid/Late August, but from how he explained their logistics, they're pretty darn efficient at this time. Now, a case could be made for going to other mfg/distributors for these missing parts, but if these other firms are also located in China, then its a moot point. Of note is that this type of behavior from distributors in China of agreeing to one amount of product and shipping another isn't unheard of; actually it's common place. I would not want to be in their receiving department, because ordering a certain amount of parts, then receiving only a portion of those would create nightmares of there own in tracking and inventory (ugh!).

I tip my hat to Jonathan, and those that are at the plant in Iowa... I'm pretty sure they're just as frustrated as those of us who want our bikes; and they're handling it pretty well, Jonathan was apologetic and again... a pretty cool dude!
Awesome post, thanks! I figure we're all in the same situation, but it's great to get some real details. May 13th confirmation here, so if yours is on its way, mine should be too. :D Hopefully living here has a trucking benefit.

I'd be curious about what a run is - afaik nobody with an April order has gotten it yet, right? How many bikes are sitting on the floor there waiting for a part or two? They should set up a webcam on that and another one on some empty stock shelves.

Seems optimistic, still, but that'd be great if it's close!
FYI… supposedly they only update the portal on Tuesdays.
Wait, so hitting reload on it every half an hour isn't doing anything?! :mad:
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You guys get super-high deductibles, or I'm just riding in accident hell? Years-old Sportster here was 900 bucks a year. I'm kinda worried about a new bike. :confused:
Soooo... tracker hasn't updated for me, but My Guy just emailed:

Good news! I was able to move you up a little. You're now on a bike that's in transit from the factory. I should be able to have you on it by the week of 8/8. I'll keep you posted.
All things considered, for a two-month+ initial estimate when I ordered, that's not too far off! I'll take it. :D

Rogue, none more black edition
Ordered: May 12th
Confirmed: May 13th
Ship Date: 06/01/2022 - 07/31/2022
Coaster: July 23rd
Bike in my grubby little paws: ...
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Yeah, I don’t understand some of the guys on here with their high insurance premiums. Makes me think maybe they’re just pretty young and maybe have a lot of speeding tickets on their license or previous claims/accidents.

I’m paying $429 for 12 months, no lay-up period, covering both my 2019 Chieftain Ltd. and my 2020 Scout Bobber Icon. Full coverage with $250 deductible.
I'm old, never gotten a ticket... this is for a 2021 Honda Rebel with Progressive:

Physical damage option
Actual Cash Value

Bodily Injury Liability
Includes Supplemental Spousal Liability coverage,$250,000 each person,$500,000 each accident

Property Damage Liability
$100,000 each accident

Uninsured Motorist & Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
$250,000 each person,$500,000 each accident including Supplementary

Pedestrian Personal Injury Protection

Optional Basic Economic Loss
No Coverage

Medical Payments
No Coverage

$100 deductible

$250 deductible

Roadside Assistance
Selected with Trip Interruption

Accessory coverage

Total vehicle premium:

Same coverage on a Sportster was ~$900. Figure a new Rogue will be more.
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Wow that still seems a little high to me... could be location; high crime, high-squid area?
New York City? Yeah, maybe... :LOL:
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I too like my dealer - they've been very straightforward the whole way, and certainly responsive to my questions. Email this morning:

We should have your bike ready within a week from today. Is that going to work for you?

Welllllll, okay!
(Order confirmed May 13th; they "found a way to move me up a little.")
Just talked to my dealership... they have my Rogue in. Just have to do the parts up. Still on target for a week from now, but he'll keep me posted. Said it's like a month wait for "normal" service - everybody's mobbed. It was indeed a cancellation, so everybody got bumped up a bike. Looking more towards the end of the month for my typical order time (May 12th).
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f Polaris is struggling with accommodating "regular services", then they didn't speak with the service departments and run thru the metrics to figure out how many oil change kits they need to supply yearly
You've said this a couple of times - if it's based on anything I said, it's not a lack of goods, it's a massive demand for service, and I have a sample size of one. He did mention Harley was seeing the same surge, so who knows. It's fuсking hot out, and everybody's riding. Not much to do with China, or with Polaris - I doubt they have anything to do with day-to-day dealership service concerns; there is a requirement that they have at least one Indian-specialising tech on staff, but what, 95% of these places deal in more than one brand? They'd all be out of business if all they handled was Indian.

I guess I'm just in an industry where "no" isn't an option, I just have to find a way to make it happen.
It's adorable where you think that's an option in manufacturing.

Let's go Brandon!
This always makes me think of a five-year-old raging because he can't eat gummi bears for dinner, but hey, you do you.
Not raging... having a little fun, I'm a moderate so love to piss off both sides; certainly rattled your cage :)
Not really, you just sound retarded. I try not to take offense from children.

I'm in commercial real estate
Explains a lot. We'll just ignore your blatherings then, since you don't know how the real world works. You're equating not getting a bike to running out of soap? Seriously?

I wonder what some of my Fortune 500 Co's would say to that.
You know Polaris is a Fortune 500 company, right?

Makes me chuckle that some people (yourself) just buckle when faced with adversity.
This from the guy crying because his bike's a week late after a three-month wait? Please. Sorry if I don't take historical manufacturing lessons from a janitor...
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just get bicycle and start peddling with the helmet on while making motorcycle noises lol
That's how my girlfriend went to the MSF course. :D
Just picked it up...

Rogue, Blackest
Ordered: May 12th
Confirmed: May 13th
Ship Date: 06/01/2022 - 07/31/2022
Coaster: July 23rd
Dealer: "Week of August 8th" (Cancellation)
Bike in my grubby little paws: August 9th

(Original order on tracker:
Build complete 08/09
Ship date 08/19)
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Well, if anyone was holding their breath for the Bobbers, they aren’t even built yet. I’m lost for words; except one that starts with the letter that comes after E and before G, followed by “Indian”.
What? Findom? :-D
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Finally in transit. Almost 2 weeks after “built”. Long wait, hopefully transit time isn’t crazy.
View attachment 700977
Jeez, look at the size of that thing! No wonder they ran out of blue paint.
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just got back and officially own the icon scout..ill probably end up doing the quarter fairing myself ...the bars on the scout actually feel pretty good
Damn, awesome. Congrats! Yeah, it's not craaaazy hot out, so should make for some nice riding. (Just filled up passing through Jersey; he let me pump, but wanted to run the card. haha what a whacky state)
yea gas stations will let bikers fill their own bikes here normally ....they tried to get rid of gas station attendants but apparently a lot of people cried about it lol so many people here would be fucked if they had to pump their own gas lololol

I feel like this is a prank on us, but you're probably right.
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24 weeks waiting...

My weekly update .... today august 20, i was expecting a TRANSIT this week since i had a ship date of 19.
Nop, nothing :(.... no movement on the portal :mad:
I did received a phone call from the dealer (first one in six months !) Expecting a delivery late next week.
We shall see ... i have no expectation at all ...... :(

Chief dark horse black smoked
date ordered : March 4, 2022
#of week : 24 weeks and still waiting (was told 12 weeks when ordered)
status : BUILT
ship date : august 19, 2022 ????
My ordered bike (got a cancellation, but it's still tracking) was the same as yours - ship date the 19th, no update... Until now. Says "in transit" as of this evening, so keep smashin' that Reload button!
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