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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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I knew they were doing this crap. I ordered a dark horse in white in September, they sent me an email beginning of December trying really hard to get me to cancel my 21 and order a 22. I canceled and bought a different color that another dealer had in stock. It was 3 months of waiting. They told me minimum 3 months more for the order if I kept waiting...
Same here more or less. I ordered a Smoke White Darkhorse in Aug. with all the bells and whistle. Earlier this month I got the same email. I canceled my order got my deposit back, and will wait until things get back to normal.
From what I am hearing, the new Pursuit may be what I wanted in the Challenger anyway.
Indeed, I agree with you. And all the other people on the forum who have or are considering ordering from Indian should understand what they are getting into. If a person can wait, then stick with the dream of owning an Indian.
Last September I ordered a Challanger WhiteSmoke Darkhorse from the Indian dealer in Sturgis. In December Polaris emailed me and basically said they couldn’t build my bike. So I waited on the much rumored Pursuit because it was the Challenger I wanted anyway.
When I could finally order the Pursuit my local dealer in Florida started to play games with me on the price of the bike. It took me a couple months but I shopped that dealer and brought them the quotes from a dealer in Waynesville and the other from the one in Charlotte. He honored their price and I got my bike ordered last week. They are saying a mid August delivery. We shall see.
A change in my order status! At least we seem to be moving in the right direction.
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Still awaiting mine. If this drags on much past August I will get my deposit back and move to another brand that can deliver.
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Well my salesman at my dealer called me today and assured me the bike will be shipped before the end of the month. We shall see as there has been no movement on the owners portal for me.
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Scouts are the low profit bike for Indian, they net about a 100.00 per bike. They are sold for the only reason to increase market share and get people into the brand. The big bikes make the money, and wouldn't surprise me to see more of those get shipped sooner to make better quarterly results
Well let’s hope so. September will mark one year of me trying to buy an Indian Challenger/Pursuit.

I first ordered a 21 Challenger White Smoke Dark Horse with tour pack and lowers among other accessories. In December I was informed by Polaris that they would not be able to build my bike. My dealer secretly told me to hang on there is a new model (Pursuit) that had all the bells and whistles that I wanted. I did and at the end of April I ordered my Pursuit Icon Darkhorse Premium. As of today the portal shows it being “scheduled“ with a delivery window of mid July to August 31.

I’m starting to to lose patience with Polaris. If no bike is delivered by the end of August I will take my money to another brand or just stick with my RT, and save my money. Rant over….
As of today my status is “scheduled“. according to my dealer Indian is supposed to ship the bike by 8/31. I will give them till the end of September and if no bike is built for me Indian can pound sand and I will get something else. One year of trying to buy a Indian is utterly ridiculous.
The ship dates mean nothing until it says built

Indian stopped taking orders on Dark Horse Premiums in late June, due to not having the parts to meet the year end. Anything Dark Horse is severely delayed.

In June I say my dealer's portal with Indian, and Dark Horse heavyweights were on a 6 - 8-month Est delivery timeframe.
Ordered mine May 1st. Quartz Grey Icon premium package. It’s a bike they said they can build. I ordered a Challenger Whitesmoke Darkhorse back in September of 21. In December they told me they couldn’t build and deliver the bike I ordered. My patients is wearing very thin. I‘m sure most would understand.
If your dealer told you 8-10 weeks, they lied to you. Indians official statement dating back to last year. Is that bikes were taking 12 +weeks. Dealers have known since spring that dark Horse, blacked out bikes were running 6 + months.
Well do you have an explanation as to why the Indian site, not affiliated with my dealer, showed 12 weeks from when I ordered the bike? My dealer only went off what Polaris told them.
In my eyes it’s Polaris stringing the dealers and their customers along. This is bad juju on them.
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I doubt Polaris told them that. I actually saw the dealer portal that interfaces with Polaris and that is where the dates ate published. I have a great dealer who is upfront and saw lead times of 6 + months 3 months ago for all of the black dark horse type of bikes.
I ordered my bike May 1st. This is a screen shot from a moment ago from the Indian site. The math will tell you that I am supposed to receive my bike approximately 12 weeks after I ordered it. Can you please explain who is lying to whom?
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Ordered mine (Challenger Limited) on June 20th just shipped today. And my portal said the same thing.

BTW the portal is not up to date. Your dealer has the most up to date info.

My dealer told me the bike was finished a week before the portal did, and the portal still says my bike is supposed to ship 9/2/2022. Its already on the way.
Congratulations! Post pictures or it’s not true. 😄
The folks at Indian phoned me today to let me know I should have my bike by the end of September. That was my cut off date to deliver me a bike or give me a deposit back. One year to get a bike is really ridiculous.
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And this still is news for some.... There is a global supply chain crisis and manufacturing crisis. (doesn't matter if you believe the reason was BS or not, it happened) When the world shut down in 2020 and still has shutdowns in various places, inventory was depleted. The whole reason Polaris went to the pre order model was because of this. All sectors of the world have been hit hard, raw materials, semiconductors, paint, baby food, every damn thing that can be made is in the shitter. Also, there have been roiling shutdowns in many other places in the world.

The wait times on most cars/trucks today is 1-3 years. Guys 12+ weeks means 12 weeks minimum or who the hell knows.

Indian never, never, promised any dates. All dates were estimates and they have a very detailed explanation about delivery times and what to expect.

I ordered my Challenger Limited full well knowing all this. When the dealer told me the chrome Limited's were 4 weeks out, he also said but that's estimated and could be longer. And I went in full well knowing it could be 4 weeks or the end of the year. 8 weeks late I got my bike.

So, all of those pissing and moaning, your expectations are not in line with current world reality.
I have a different experience. I ordered a 21 Challenger Whitesmoke Darkhorse September of last year. In December I got an email stating they could not build the bike I ordered. The dealer I was working with asked me to hang on a couple months as Indian will be releasing a mode, the Pursuit, with all the bells and whistles I wanted. I waited till my dealer was able to order the bike I wanted and the color I kind of wanted. The dealer was told by Indian it would take 4 weeks, and here I sit 16 weeks later with no bike.
If from the get go Indian would have been honest with me and my dealer and said you may have to wait over a year to get a bike that we offer but can’t build I would have gone else where.
This has me wondering about parts availability if I have an issue. How long will my bike sit waiting parts?
What about the depreciation I will take at the end of the year because I have a 22 model year that I will receive when they are introducing the 23 models? Mind you I didn’t get any discount off of msrp for the privilege of ordering a pandemic bike early in 22. This isn’t something that the dealer had to move to make room for the new models.
Would I recommend an Indian to my riding friends? Only if they are willing to wait. So far none of them are impressed with my phantom Pursuit.
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Oh boy! Let’s see if they pull this on me.
After an intense negotiation session with three Indian dealers and settling on the one with the definitive bottom line and now the long wait, if they pull extra any up charge crap on me I will walk away from this brand forever.
What a kick ass experience, man! I wish all dealerships were like that. So, on a different note, it seems like I'm the only one with an order from May still waiting for my bike. Womp womp.
Your not a Lone Range. Ordered mine May 1st.

Status: Delivered on 09/09/2022
Pickup Date: 09/13/2022
Total Wait Time: 21 weeks

I emailed Polaris again shorty after my last post regarding transit time as I was entering the 3rd week of transport. They responded that day by diverting me to the dealership with no other help given. Thankfully, it arrived yesterday and is being prepped with a pickup date of 9/13. To be honest, I would not order a new motorcycle again especially dealing with Polaris. I am happy though that it is finally here and will let you all know if it arrived in good working order when I have a few hundred or so miles on it.

Hope your bikes make it!

Exactly! Would I recommend a new Indian to a friend? Only if they are willing to wait for undetermined amount of time for a bike that is nice but not super premium.
And just for the record once again 9/15 marks one year of me trying to buy an Indian, Polaris at the time I laid down my deposit, said it could build and deliver. Yeah right….
Today marks one year for me trying to buy an Indian. My exercise in futility started a year ago in Sturgis as I happily plunked down a deposite to buy a Challenger Whitesmoke Darkhorse. I also ordered a top case, lowers, and passanger floor boards to make it two up friendly. In December, Indian notified me they cannot build my bike and I got my deposit back.
When the Pursuit was announced I went to the dealer in Panama City Beach and handed them a deposit on a Quartz Grey Darkhorse Icon Premium. As of today I still sit as scheduled. I warned my dealer if there is no bike by the end of September, I will ask for my deposit back and move on to a brand that can deliver a product in a reasonable amount of time.
To add insult to injury, apparently they shipoed my bike to Sweden where a member here walked into his dealer and rode off on a bike he didnt order.
Yes I am pissed! This incompetence doesnt bode well for the brand. All my friend that keep asking where my bike is are shaking their heads in disbelief. Indian is not getting any converts from my circle for sure. I know I am just one little person to them but if falls through it will snowball as I'm sure there are more like me with friends that may have had an interest in this brand.
They have two weeks.
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Have you thought about maybe writing letters to corporate? The presidents name is Mike Daugherty. I’d look up the people below him and write letters to everyone who is a director and up. It might help and it might not, but you should be able to at least voice your frustrations.

I’m so sorry man. I am seeing orders from end of May being delivered (mine was May 5th) and it so discouraging watching them overlook you like you mean nothing to them. I can’t imagine a year. I hope whatever resolution you find, you are happy with your choice. Indian is not the only brand. Even if it’s the one you really wanted.
You might be on to something about emailing the powers that be over at Indian to relay my experience. I will look into that over the next day or so. It may not do anything for me but it might help the next sucker potential buyer from going through what I have been through.
Was at the local Harley dealer yesterday, they had plenty of new inventory and the sales manager said they can get an ordered bike in about 6 weeks.
Come on Polaris you are making it really difficult for me to brag about your product when you can’t seem to build it.
Its been 1 year and two weeks since I initially ordered an Indian Challenger. My order still sits on scheduled. F’n joke Polaris is….
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