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Bike Order Master Tracking List

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I figured it would be nice to see when people are ordering bikes and how long it's taking. We do this kind of thing in the hellcat forums too, which is why I wonder why it hasn't been done? List your order dates and update your post if you get the bike delivered or receive an update.

Challenger Dark Horse Icon late April.
Edit: lol, dude at indian emailed me saying he talked to the floor and got them to bump my build up asap, because it was supposed to be prioritized under these circumstances. I told him, but it's supposed to ship by 4 days from now, 7/31.... how is it still sitting there unfinished.
Edit: Just changed to built with firm ship date.
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The real answer is nobody knows. China has instituted massive factory shutdowns the last 4 months due to covid. Yes, most of the parts holding up these bikes are made in China. When many of you ordered these bikes, the shutdowns were not instituted yet. And along with the massive shipping delays and stalemate parts are sitting in China, and on ships out at sea unable to port and unload.

The times Polaris is giving everyone are best guesses based on the unknown.
I due somewhat agree with what you have said, with the exception of your last sentence!
Best Guess?
Indian's official wed site is still saying 12+ weeks!
I don't believe the majority of bikes ordered today or in the near future will be delivered in 12-15 weeks.
Even if the shutdowns ended today the back log of orders will not permit that time frame!

Would be interesting to know if they are prioritizing higher profit models.
Indian has stated "first come, first served" but I wonder?

12+ means 12 weeks or ?????? could be 2 years

Right now, across the entire Polaris product line, production lines and shifts are based on available parts that week and even day. They make what they have parts for.

If Polaris could get bikes out sooner, they surely would. The delays are killing their earnings and profits. Like everyone else they are at the mercy of the supply chain.

First come first serve means based on parts, if they have enough parts to make the chrome bikes, which no one wants it seems they make them.
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The supply chain fiasco has not peaked yet, it's, going to get even worse. I
Maybe. I think a lot of buyers are going to be leveling off, or even going away if we go into a recession and inflation continues. If the economy really goes into a slump, then this increased demand willl go away real quick.

Very true, my dealership gets a lot of new bikes in Challengers, Pursuits, etc. Most are canceled orders and they go really quick. So I have my eyes peeled for the next one that comes in.
order went from scheduled with shipping date June 6 to June 30
to. “Confirmed” with no shipping date 😳

Why did my order progress go backwards?
Some vehicles going through final preparation and inspection are deemed to not be at our high quality standards. Because of this, it is possible your order will be fulfilled by the next available machine.
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Mine has said confirmed and only confirmed since December. I am not even sure how accurate that tracker is.

I think it's pretty accurate. Unfortunately, scheduled basically means they have the parts to get started. Confirmed means the order is confirmed and they are waiting to get the bike schedules bikes on parts availability.

Anything Dark horse, blacked out, etc is going to be a long time.
7 months in a week

Yep, not surprising. There is also a world shortage of matt black paint as well.
My order says both "Confirmed" and "Scheduled"....which are the frist two dots on their timeline. So are you saying that since I'm Scheduled, they have all the parts to building my bike?

You have a dark horse or bike with black?
That is also the date I got from the dealership today. Let’s see if that happens !!!

Because according to this. Polaris is simply going to post the ship date that your dealer originally told you. Doesn't really mean anything

Ya I understand that. I ordered December 3/2021. Was told by the dealership when I ordered that it would be April or May before it came. Got a ship date from the dealership of April 16 - May 31. Then got a ship Date of June 6 - June 30. Now I have a ship date of July 8. Which will be just over 7 months.

Yep, the real ship date will be unknown until the bike is actually built
Oh forgot to add that my online tracker has said order confirmed the whole time and still says that today.

All that means is your order was officially received by Polaris
Congratulations, your wait is over.
beautiful bike!
I have been waiting since Dec. Think I wouldn’t have been so frustrated by the wait if I was properly informed.
Some say the delay is/was unforeseen, but I’m not buying that.
I was told in July of 2021 that 2022 would be “Order only” no bike would be shipped that aren’t pre sold

Some of the delays were unforeseen. How is this so, In December China was starting manufacturing back up and there were indications of the supply chain improving. Well in this first quarter of this year, China shut down and closed factories again due to covid, this backed everything up again and created even more insanity in the supply Chain.

What does China have to do with it? Well, the majority of all the parts used to assemble an Indian motorcycle come from China. And that's why Indian motorcycles can't say Made in America. The say Assembled in America.
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Sorry typo
should read “June of 2022”

The times they quoted you were based on what they knew. They were not guarantees. When they say 12+ weeks that means 12 weeks up to infinity. !2 weeks would be the absolute soonest.

Yes, some dealerships get a few in stock bikes. There are a few bikes still being allocated to dealerships, so dealerships don't look like empty ghost towns, but those bikes sell instantly.
When I ordered in December I was told April/May. That went from 5-6 months to 8 months. At least my dealership was more realistic with delivery time. Just have to see the promised delivery time turns into reality.

Yep that's because of the China lockdowns in the first and second quarter this year. And delivery times are estimated not promised.
6 weeks from order to delivery?
Very unlikely but hoping the best outcome for you.
Who knows, dealer may have ordered that bike for someone else that canceled.

4 - 6 weeks on chrome non dark horse bikes is pretty normal. My dealers have had many orders on those, and they come in on time. The Dark Horse, Dark bobbers, etc are the big hold up
My local dealer says he's been getting the bikes right around the time he's told he's suppose to get them...he also told me he will know about the bike coming before I will

I would tend to believe that.

My bike has delivery dates on the dealer/Polaris portal the dealer has access to, but not the customer website. And he showed me a screen shot. dark horse bikes are 150 -180 days out if ordered now.(5 to 6 months)
So here is the deal and some of you won't like this. The order times for bikes since last year has been 12 + meaning PLUS weeks and has been that way for quite some time. 12 + weeks means 12 weeks minimum to when every you get it, a year or 2.

When you guys got estimates for delivery times, those were based on the best available information based on parts manufacturing and delivery from CHINA. In the past 3 months, China has gone into massive factory shutdowns like there was back in 2020 and thrown the supply chain from China in absolute insanity. dates that were pretty much set now have been thrown into the unknown.

Anything with black parts is massively delayed because they are all done in Chinatown. Black engines, dark horse, chips for the new ride commands all come from kung pao chicken land.

One fact that many have a hard time digesting is that Indian Motorcycles are Chinese motorcycles assembled and finished in the US. All the hardware, engine castings, wheels crash bars, sissy bars, engine guards, wiring harness, electronics are all manufactured in China. And China is having massive production issues. Harley does the same thing by the way as most companies do. The computers people are whining on, smart phones, all made in cashew Shripmville.

The Dark Horse blacked out bikes, may not show up until December.

The mistake Polaris did was create that Est Delivery schedule, because all it did was heighten unrealistic expectations. When there was all the excited talk about the July delivery times, I laughed to myself and knew that wasn't going to happen.

Some dealers may not have been honest with you.

In June all Darkhorse and blacked out bikes, had a 6-month estimated manufacturing/delivery time frame. Thats 16 weeks. I know this because my dealer showed me the info screen on Est build times, and they were way out into the end of the year. Some dealers won't tell you that because they want that sale.
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that's comedy lolol a big ass company that claims to have no real logistics on anything lolol why even created a fake shipping date if they don't have a clue but with that said its good business on their end cause it keeps the fish dangling with false hope

Yep, that's how they keep you from canceling. It's the old restaurant waiting game. "Sir, the wait is about 20 min" After 30 min goes by, they say, "were sorry, it will be about another 10 minutes" Well you not going to go somewhere else because it may be an hour or more wait. Then 15 minutes goes by and they, say sir, just 5 more minutes. And by the time your seated, you waited an hour. If they told you the wait was an hour up front. You probably would leave.
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Scouts are the low profit bike for Indian, they net about a 100.00 per bike. They are sold for the only reason to increase market share and get people into the brand. The big bikes make the money, and wouldn't surprise me to see more of those get shipped sooner to make better quarterly results
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