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Better hand grips for Scout Bobber

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Hi All,

My wife has a 2020 Scout Bobber which currently has just the stock handgrips on it. She finds on longer rides she gets a sore throttle hand and wrist. She is 5'2", quite petite, with pretty small hands. As a first step, I've ordered her a cramp buster to see if she likes it and it helps. We are also considering either the Brakeaway throttle lock or going all out and getting the McCruise Cruse control module.

However, she would also like some nicer, more comfortable grips, probably heated ones. I've heard of Avon and Kuryakyn grips but my Google Fu is not good enough to find model types which state they will fit the Bobber.

Recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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I installed the Koso grips about two years ago. They are tit! I wired them to the switched accessory line with in-line fuse they supplied... so no worry about leaving them on.

They were a major pain to install, especially the throttle side because you have to strip/salvage the throttle barrel under the OEM grip. But they work great and having the integrated control is really nice (no separate controller to mount).

Here is my RevZilla review: Koso Apollo Heated Grips - RevZilla (Search "reviews" for "Scout").
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