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Right now I've got a '21 Chieftain Elite with the stage 1 Indian intake (2881779-521), Rinehart slip ons and stage 2 Indian cams. With the Dynojet PV3 I had it put on a Dyno and got 126tq/106hp. I want more.

I've seen a few posts on here from a few years back that claim someone has 140+t/117hp? How can I achieve this kinds of numbers without voiding warranty, or sacrificing reliability (the bike is my daily - no car).

I was considering the Lloyds big bore build but im on the west coast so if something goes wrong with that I dont want to be hosed. Recently I've been looking into the Rinehart slimline headers (100-0553) since they now make ones that will fit the 2021's and that will get rid of cat heat as well as offer me some 18mm o2 sensors for better tuning.

So what are the best mods I can do from here?

The PV3 already voids the warranty so you are already there. The slimline headers will have zero effect. The Indian headers are the best performing headers on the 111/116. The slimline headers just don't reduce performance like everyone else. Also 1.75 in baffles are the best for performance as well but makes the bike quiet.

The slimline headers give you about the same is the Indian header with the CAT installed. Be careful, they lower ground clearance and many threads here of sever scraping with them.

If you really want power, get a Challenger
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