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My buddy bought the clutch plate kit and lever kit from Barnett for a little less then $200 for his 2018 Chieftain Darkhorse. He bought the Kevlar plates because the Carbon fiber are more race oriented. The lever is about 3/8 inch shorter then stock and pulls the plates farther apart. The springs in the kit are 79 lbs compared to the stock 70. The install was pretty straight forward but you must remember to soak the new plates in oil before install! The lever pull is definitely firmer but you don't need to pull as far.
We went for a little 150 mile test ride today. The bike shifting was very smooth and the big clunk shifting into first was gone. After a couple hours the clunk felt like it was coming back but an adjustment for break in may or may not fix that!

The install took about 2 hours because of triple checking everything but the next one could easily be done in an hour!
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