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A while back @Dieseldoc posted pictures of his Clearwater Darla lights installed on the FTR. They look great and have some cool features. Here is a link to his write up:
Clearwater Darlas

I like the idea but the cost was out of my budget. My son works for a shop that sells Baja Designs lights and was able to get me a Squadron Sport combo driving/spot with his employee discount:
Squardron R Sport

I used 1/8" (3mm) aluminum to make the bracket to mount it. I used the fender mount holes to hold the bracket. I bought some m6x1 35mm long 18-8 stainless pan head screws from McMaster Carr to hold the bracket.

Attached are some cad models and drawings of the brackets. I haven't machined up the standoffs yet, I'm just using a stack of 6mm washers to space out the bracket. The Corona virus lockdown has made it hard to get to a shop. The boss on the standoff is larger than the hole in the fender. I plan to open up the hole to fit. The reason is that the wall thickness would have been too small without this change.

To make the mount I printed the bracket drawing, cut it out, taped it to the aluminum, and cut it out. I used a disc sander to finish the shape. One note, the drawing printed a little less than full size so when I drilled the holes they were about 88mm instead of 90.6. Measure before you drill!

I mounted the relay and fuse holder behind the right side airbox cover. The harness that Baja designs supplies is designed for a truck so it requires some modification. The wires going to the second light is way too long. I cut it, soldered, heat shrank it to the correct length.

I used the extra to make the fuse holder wires long enough to reach the battery.

I cannot believe how much light this puts out. I only purchased one but after riding with it I have ordered a second one. If you spend much time riding at night I think you would benefit from a set.

Here is the assembly
Light Assembly

Mounting bracket model

Mounting bracket drawing
Bracket Drawing

Standoff model

Standoff drawing
Drawing of Standoff

Relay mounting location:


Power connector and fuse mounting location behind the ECU


I ran the power down behind the radiator to get to the battery box.


Power cables going into the battery box


Light mounted


Light from the front

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