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Hello all.

A member over at HDforums posted this and I wanted to share.

I have an SG and when washing my bike, I'd detach the bags and set them either on a blanket or the grass.

I used his exact materials list and cut list and it came out perfect. I did it for about $20 in materials.

Stock list:
2qty 10' 1" PVC
4qty 1" Tee's
10qty 1" 90's
2qty 1" x 6' pipe insulation

4qty 20"
4qty 8"
4qty 6"
4qty 4 1/2"

Pipe Insulation
4qty 18"
4qty 6"
4qty 4"
4qty 2 1/2"




I thought it was a super clever idea versus HD's product solution which was $100. I know you guys love your bikes like we do (and rightly so). Would work great for Indian bags too. :)

Projects like this is what I do when it frikken looks like this outside in Michigan. :(


If you're wondering about the vanity plate, it's a copy of the one on my bike. I had to explain to the Secretary of State what it meant before they would issue it to me. I told them. I'm fat and I love people.

Shiney side up, brothers!!! Have a great day.

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I like this idea. I take my windshield off, my bags off, and often my seat off before washing my bike. Tucking all of those things on various boxes and stools around my garage is tough.
I made a wall mounted hanger for my windshield, which also serves well to hold it on those hot Georgia summer rides when I really want the wind in my face.
My upmost sympathy to surviving that Michigan landscape. I was a Spartan for 3 years so I remember it well. Most people don't understand just how beautiful Michigan summers are though. Both weeks are just gorgeous.

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That is awesome. I'll definitely be building these for my bikes. Like you, I usually just sit mine on the a towel on the garage floor.
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