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I just finished giving my red Vintage it's first good detailing and
When I removed the bags I noticed a couple of rubber bumpers
That keep the bags from rubbing the fender. I thought to myself,
'Nice touch' but didn't think much more about it until I was waxing
The rear fender and noticed a set of perfectly color matched, almost impercievable,
red, antiscuff stickers Exactly where rubber bumpers ride against the fender.
There is no way someone purchasing the bike would ever know they are there,
But it's the kind of thing that shows the attention to detail given to these
Bikes when they were being developed. Once These bikes get in the hands
Of more people and they hit the foreign shores, where people can see the
Made in America quality, 'Katy - Bar - The - Door',
Because there ain't going to be enough to go around!

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Absolutely right! The Indian bikes have a great attention to detail as though the factory really wanted people to appreciate how these bike are put together and how nice touches, such as the saddlebag bumpers, make the bike a pleasure to own.

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Couple things I have noticed is the same soft clearcoat that marls very easily and some of the Chieftans bags are not painted all the way around..... Otherwise a great looking new bike.
very happy that i bought an 2013 though ..maybe will add a Chieftan down the road to trike.

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I don't plan on posting often on here....BUT this thread caught my eye as I noticed the same thing....Coming from riding MX for several years, I dropped the jap bikes and started riding KTM for the same reasons.
Knowing it wasn't a Harley, and it was made by Polaris, I was initially being VERY picky about my vintage, I didn't like the non-back lit controls, cable clutch (even my drit bike comes with a hydraulic clutch) and noticed a tiny bit of flex in the bars. After seeing my brother's 2013 HD Street Bob and a buddy's 2014 street glide, just sitting on them makes you realize how well the indian is finished out. You start looking closely, the harness is hanging out everywhere, the unfinished mechanics of the bike (top of the shock, etc) are showing, you can easily deflect the bars on the street glide an inch or so just pulling back on them. There's nothing that really jumped out and said quality about the HD.
I am very satisfied with my purchase, and look to keeping the vintage in my garage for some time as its timeless looks and quality will keep this from aging.
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