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Finish: great ...
Fit: non Rinehart mufflers (I am using Khrome Werks) might need modification where they slide on the headers ... other than that good as well. I liked the supplied cones to make a nice transition to the headers.

Sound: deep healthy rumble without misbehaviour (no backfire or snore on decel) ... close to TRUE dual sound despite being H-Pipes.
(I am running the performance baffles in my Khromewerks/Lloydz mufflers though!)

I used to run FM Jackpot headers with modified primary pipes to accommodate wideband sensors. I had screwed up the placement of simultaneous wide and narrow band bungs.
The Rinehart headers have well placed bungs for both ... so I chose them over further tinkering with my hacked up primaries.

Performance: very good low and midrange torque ... free exhale on WOT. Did not lose anything (torque and topspeed) compared to the Jackpots. Had to revisit my PVCX tune though for cylinder balance and slight VE differences.

All in all: despite good looks, sound and functionality these can be counted as performance headers!

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts