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Take a close look at the coupon that is now on the Indian Motorcyle site. NOTE the dates listed that you must take retail delivery. This does match up with prior statements that bike would be SHIPPED in mid to late September. When bikes ship next week (I was informed by a person earlier today) this will fall right in line with those that begin to fly in to pick up the first bikes, guess when, first week of October by the time they are received, prepped, had accessories added, etc.

From the Indian Motorcycles website under customer assurance programs;

<div class='font-primary vehicle-feature-header'>FLY & RIDE</div>
<p class='page-copy'>$250 to fly in to the dealership of your choice and ride home on your new Indian Motorcycle<sup>&reg;</sup>.
<p class='page-copy muted'>$250 credit will be applied toward your purchase of a new 2014 Indian Motorcycle from a participating Indian Motorcycle<sup>&reg;</sup> dealership. Must take retail delivery of motorcycle between August 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. Must travel on a commercial airline and fly into the major airport nearest to the Indian Motorcycle<sup>&reg;</sup> dealership. Must have purchased a ticket having a cash value in excess of $250 to qualify. Proof of purchase of a qualifying airline ticket is required.

Slowly but surely the Indian sites has had several updates and this is one of them. You can now print this coupon.
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